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Chris Feix

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My name is Chris Feix (pronounced: Feix likes hikes). I've been a dedicated UX professional for 23 years. I recently tried to retire but it didn't take. I missed doing UX research, strategy and consulting. I'm pleased to announce I'm the new Creative Director, UX at Brado.

New Book

My UX Journey, When UX Fails

Research Me Search Book Cover

Research Me Search

Look For My (delayed) New Book in Sep 2023



Projects & Artifacts

I've had a 2 decade crush on UX Research (and Natalie Portman).


The App That Rocked An Industry

A ground-breaking platform that changed the industry. Dozens of competitors have failed to replicate this platform, with a market spend of $2.2B as of 2020. View on Behance


Journey Maps & Documentation

Customers demanded a solution. Graybar was set to build it. Our study uncovered that the customers' employees wouldn't have used it. We saved Graybar $2M+. Take a peek at some of the over 12,000 artifacts that were created.

Produce Market Guide

Impossibly Simple

How to build a social network, vendor directory, and produce encyclopedia all in one app... and make it easy to use. Take a look.


Design System

Design system built for Oklahoma Gas & Electic Company. View it here.

Swiss Army

Unpecidented Features

14 knives and over a million combinations and configurations. Now you can build a custom knife in 5 minutes.


Corporate Intranet

When you have over 150,000 employees scattered across the globe, you need real-time contact info and file sharing at your fingertips.

Past Clients

Thank you for trusting us with your culture. We hope we made you proud and had a positive impact on your spirit.

Client Spotlight: Salesforce
Express Scripts
Maritz Travel
Victorinox / Swiss Army
Client Spotlight: Callaway Golf

The ability to impact people in a meaningful way is a rare quality. The ability to do it through a “business presentation” is even more rare. In the IT community, it is especially difficult to get the message across in a manner that fully engages an audience. Chris’s work manages to do all of this… and much more.

Chris is an absolute authority on building an overarching marketing message that is easy to visually understand and compels one to learn more. His work commands attention. An immense and creative talent.

Author image
Ryan Bretsch COO, Atomic Revenue

Chris and I worked together for a year and a half. During that period, time and time again, I have seen Chris perform amazing feats. He is simply one of the most versatile and talented (people) a company could hope to have. He is a true consultant in every sense of the word.

Chris is one of the leading individuals in his field (and) is always working to know more tomorrow than he did today. That means that you are gaining a lot more than what he knows and what he is at this moment.

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Stacey Lindgren Partner, Spry Digital

Chris helped IRON Solutions with the redesign of our website. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to interactive design and usability. The recommendations he made for our site redesign were thorough and spot on, keeping the end user in sight at all times.

Chris has a great creative mind that not only focuses on making our product and brand stand out, but he also is very focused on creative ideas that produce revenue. He is a true professional with magnificent talent.

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Kasey Gannon VP Sales, Globe-Democrat

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